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Be sure to read and understand the following before downloading TyphoonNBFTools remote client

Note that this site is NOT INVOLVED in the Magneto leak and this software is ONLY designed to help you install a LEGITIMATE operating system i.e. I won't help you if you play with this leak, either to install or uninstall it. Thanks.


TyphoonNBFTools remote client is a remote utility running on the device that'll allow you to perform partial ROM flashing operations from Windows CE, without need to perform a full system flash or when it's not possible to downgrade your ROM version.

This extension is intended to work with the TyphoonNBFTools utility.

When do you need it

The remote client is necessary if you want to downgrade a ROM update having a bootloader version greater than 2.00 - this is useful for French users since the latest update greatly reduced the GSM sensitivity, among other problems.

Reliability (technical)

Since this tool is not official, there's no sure way to say that it'll work on all devices, and that no damage will be done to your device. It has been tested on Typhoon (C500) and Feeler (SDA Music) platforms without issues.

Be aware that if the flashing process is interrupted or broken during a bootloader flash, the device will be PERMANENTLY DAMAGED if you turn it off without restoring the flashed zone.

However, the following security measures are taken before flashing the bootloader :

This makes sure that the risk level is pretty low. Of course, no devices have been broken when using this tool so far. But this operation is not 100% risk free (think about power outages, unexpected bugs, and so on).


Contributors to TyphoonNBFTools are NOT LIABLE for any consequence of the use of this alternative flashing library.

Your warranty will probably be voided by using this tool.

This tool is not officially endorsed.


This tool needs to run on an elevated privilege level. In order to do this, you'll have to install a certificate yourself on your device, which must be fully application unlocked.

You must NEVER download a client signed by a different certificate than the one provided in the official distribution. This certificate has the following identifiers :

The client itself is downloaded in the volatile area of your device - when the device is powered off after using TyphoonNBFTools, the client cannot be used or exploited until your run TyphoonNBFTools again.

For extra security, you can install TyphoonNBFTools in a non common place on your desktop computer (i.e. not c:\program files\TyphoonNBFTools) and disable the certificate after running TyphoonNBFTools by running on the phone Disable.exe provided with the distribution.

Source code access

Due to the sensitive nature of this tool, source code access is restricted. Post on SPV-Developers forum with your motivations if you want it.

Usage and Distribution

You'll only use this library with the TyphoonNBFTools desktop application.

You'll not redistribute this library, but link to this page insted

I agree to the terms listed above and will abide to them