Reading your Xbox 360 eFuses for dummies

Well, for people that don't want to get bothered with a long Linux download before flashing with the latest kernel, too :) here comes a quick & dirty XeLL ISO that'll do the trick in a few seconds, since eFuses appear to be quite valuable those days ...

Update : you can read your NAND (without ECC) as well.


The usual stuff - as described on Free60

And a blank (preferably rewritable) CD to burn the ISO you'll download

Customize the ISO

You'll download the eFuses list directly from your Xbox 360 connected to your network

Enter the Xbox 360 IP address (either your current Xbox 360 IP address or an address reachable in your network) in dotted notation
Enter your network mask in dotted notation

GPL compliance

Diffs to XeLL CVS head - new httpd pseudo URL /FUSE handler + network parameters loaded from the CD file ip.bin


Free60 team since they did all the work and the usual places :)