A Fast & Legal way to reflash your EEPROM with Cromwell

Just in case you manage to do something stupid and fry your EEPROM like me (and your box won't boot anymore), you can fix this with these easy steps ... since Cromwell provides everything to flash your EEPROM


Quick install

Download the patched Cromwell image

Download the EEPROM patcher

Unzip the image and the patcher, put both in the same directory with your EEPROM image, and patch the Cromwell image with your EEPROM : addEeprom cromwell-patched.bin eeprom.bin

Program your mod with cromwell-patched.bin

Boot your box and wait a few seconds - you should see a message "EEPROM flash - status : SUCCESSFUL"

Your EEPROM is now restored, you can turn off your box and reflash with your favorite bios ... or install Linux :) As a side note, if you want to install Linux I'd suggest you to download an official Cromwell image as I'm not sure of the quality of this build ...

GPL compliance

Diff to Cromwell

AddEEPROM source

Note that you'll need a fairly recent gcc to build Cromwell - 3.2.3 seems to generate something consistant if not perfect :)


Xbox-Linux team since they did all the work :)