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NOTICE : Web page discontinued

Other Windows CE applications ports

REminiscence / Flashback

REminiscence - Flashback

This is a port of the Flashback / REminiscence engine made by Grégory Montoir.

You'll need the original Flashback DOS files to use with this emulator. Check the original site for more details.

Since 0.1.4 you can enjoy (as an experimental feature) Amiga music to decompress in the game data directory, mirrored from Exotica (LHA format)

Port features : VGA mode support | Key remapping | Smartphone support | In-game menu to save/load state

Default Keys mapping : tap = shift | Hardware 1 = space | Hardware 2 = backspace | Hardware 3 = menu

Current version : 0.1.4-CE-1 - Windows Mobile 2003 - PocketPC ARM - view Changelog

Source diffs : 0.1.4-CE-1 to REminiscence-0.1.4.tar.bz2

Discuss this port on PocketMatrix.

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