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NOTICE : Web page discontinued

I'm not actively participating on this project anymore. For the latest updates, visit the official ScummVM Windows Mobile forum and enjoy Kostas and the team nice work :)

If you're new to the Windows Mobile version of ScummVM, take some time to read the excellent mini manual made by SirDave, print it and always keep it handy :)

NOTICE : Web page discontinued

ScummVM port for Windows CE devices

ScummVM engine

You can download the latest versions of ScummVM for Windows CE devices on this page.

Choose your device on the right menu.

Note that the PocketPC 2002 version can work on a PocketPC 2003 device.

The Smartphone version is the same executable as the PocketPC version as well.

Last releases

Stable : 0.7.1 - view WinCE Changelog - report issues.

Unstable 0.7.x version : not available

Unstable CVS head version: 04/10/05 - Windows Mobile 2003 - view WinCE Changelog - report issues.

Fix for disappearing clock issue (pre 0.7.0) - install and run in your PocketScumm directory : ARM | MIPS | SH3

Movies packs

You can download reencoded video sequences for Broken Sword 1 or Broken Sword 2.

Optimized/Working PDA versions will be available later on this page. In the meantime you can re-encode your original movie files by following these directions and this script (from Nemesis/Noscript).


Demos for ScummVM supported games can be downloaded on ScummVM page

Free games

Beneath a Steel Sky was kindly donated to the ScummVM team by Revolution Software, and you can download the floppy or full CD versions

Flight of the Amazon Queen was kindly donated to the ScummVM team by Steven Stamatiadis and John Passfield, and you can download the floppy or full CD versions

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