Windows Mobile Smartphone hacks

Some reversing/security stuff regarding the Windows Mobile Smartphone platform. To read along with Itsme page or the XDA-Developers | SPV-Developers forums if you enjoy the subject.

All hacks released under GPL license unless a different license is specified.

Typhoon NBF Tools Remote Client

Addition to TyphoonNBFTools from SPV-Developers to perform recovery flashing operations from Windows CE on Typhoon/Feeler devices.

See the license and download the library

WinCE-USB patch for Tera Term Pro 2.3

Add WinCE-USB support for Tera Term Pro

Download - apply the patch to the original 2.3 source tree.

Open a terminal to Serial/USB after plugging your phone in bootloader mode to use it.

USBTerm : SPV Smartphone USB terminal

Simple terminal for Windows 2000/XP to talk with the SPV Smartphone bootloader (buggy, deprecated, left only here for archival purposes)

You do not want to download :) Really !

SPVPROV : Simple signature toolkit for Windows Mobile Smartphones

Use these scripts to wrap AuthentiCode functions and manage your code signing certificates easily (unlocked phones only)


XBridge : Simple Windows Mobile device driver spy

Use it to look at what happens in your favorite driver


Spflaa : SmartPhone FLAsh Adapter

Wrapper around PocketPC Macromedia Flash to use on your Smartphone. Proof of concept only (Flash not included of course). Almost useless if you're not a developer, but interesting read if you want to play with COM objects.


Misc hacks

Some assorted and probably more useful than other unpublished hacks :p

All hacks released under GPL licence.

e.Digital MXP 100 list builder

The E Digital MXP 100 is a nice and cheap portable MP3 CompactFlash player, but its client software has probably the worst human UI ever seen and is buggy as hell :p

With this program, you can put your MP3s (with or without M3Us files, missing files in M3Us are allowed) in the music\ subdirectories of your CompactFlash card with a card reader, and build the MXP 100 playing list. VoiceNav tags are not generated for the moment.

If your card hasn't been formatted by the player, unzip the file in \ after having formatted in FAT 16.


Xbox EEPROM re-flasher

A fast and legal way to reflash your fried Xbox EEPROM. Needs a flashable mod chip (outdated hack, it's probably possible to do it natively now !)

Orange France 3G PCMCIA card configuration on linux

A few notes (in french)

Developing applications on Wifi phone (aka White)

A few notes (in french)

Very simple backup method of Xbox 360 eFuses

A small but handy XeLL hack to backup your eFuses in a few seconds with the usual configuration (vulnerable kernel, King Kong shader exploit)

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