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NOTICE : Web page discontinued

Simple DirectMedia Layer port

Original library

Port functionalities

This port is based on SDL 1.2.6 and adds the following features

Known problems / Todos (as of 2004/12/29)

Status of this port is experimental for the moment :

As this port is not official, please do not connect the SDL team for problems with it - the idea is to iron out all bugs and then make it official after enough developers tested it in different environments.

If you have time to backport these changes to the latest SDL, feel free to do so :)


The old version had an annoying problem that disabled the clock display on some Pocket PCs. You must update to this version if you used an older version of this port.

Current version : 12/05/2005 - view Changelog.

Download original SDL 1.2.6

Download diffs to SDL 1.2.6 and compiled libraries for all platforms :

Preliminary patch : support for Windows Mobile 5 resolutions (used to compile 0.8.0)

The project files are in the VisualCE2/ directory. You'll have to move this directory in SDL-1.2.6\

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