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NOTICE : Web page discontinued

I'm not actively participating on this project anymore. For the latest updates, visit the official ScummVM Windows Mobile forum and enjoy Kostas and the team nice work :)

NOTICE : Web page discontinued

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Credits and Links


LucasArts and the SCUMM team, for creating the greatest adventure games - you owe me many, many hours !

Ludvig Strigeus and the ScummVM team for bringing back these legendaries games to life

Vasyl Tsvirkunov, first PocketPC/WinCE port and mono/palettized modes support

Andys, second PocketPC/WinCE port

Leo's Icon Archive (, the icons in the first toolbar were taken from this site

Guybrush (Mobigeeks/PPCreviews), the first Cassiopeia tester

Helios (s. hsieh) for the beautiful new toolbar

ShapeShifter for the virtual keyboard and the former loading screen

Lightman (Carlos Luz) for the new icons

SirDave for his excellent mini-manual

Kostas Nakos for brillantly taking the heavy burden :)

And all PocketMatrix/MoDaCo/Smartphony regulars who tested my buggy releases :)


ScummVM or

LucasArts and their online shop

Pour les français : Pack LucasArts (Amazon) et pack Chevaliers de Baphomet (recherche Monsieur Prix)

Revolution Games

PocketMatrix and the PocketScumm forum to discuss the progress and bugs of this ScummVM port

International House of Mojo

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