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NOTICE : Web page discontinued

I'm not actively participating on this project anymore. For the latest updates, visit the official ScummVM Windows Mobile forum and enjoy Kostas and the team nice work :)

NOTICE : Web page discontinued

Frequently Asked Questions


Help on web forums

PocketMatrix forums to submit your questions and comments to the huge PocketMatrix community (PocketPC/Smartphone) - preferred help channel for questions on this port.

SirDave mini manual on PocketMatrix to get started quickly.

Official ScummVM forums.

Bug reports

if you locate a bug, please contribute to the project by reporting it (see ScummVM Bug Tracking page if you are sure the bug is in ScummVM ... if the bug or glitch seems to be restricted to this port, or you're not sure about it, check PocketMatrix forums first)


Please do try the forums first ... and absolutely no games requests, thanks

Then contact me at arisme at free dot fr

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