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NOTICE : Web page discontinued

I'm not actively participating on this project anymore. For the latest updates, visit the official ScummVM Windows Mobile forum and enjoy Kostas and the team nice work :)

NOTICE : Web page discontinued

Frequently Asked Questions

Ou acheter des jeux en France ? (Update 2007)

La Fnac a eu la bonne idée de réediter beaucoup de jeux Lucas pour un bas prix (10 euros) : vous pourrez trouver The Dig, Escape from Monkey Island, Full Throttle, Sam & Max parfaitement supportés par ScummVM mais également Grim Fandango pour 8 euros ... il serait dommage de s'en priver :)

Ou acheter des jeux en France ? (old)

Broken Sword (Les Chevaliers de Baphomet) 1 et 2 sont (étaient ?) disponibles à la Fnac/Virgin collection Sold Out pour un prix très modique (12 euros le pack à la Fnac). Autrement dans des magasins en ligne

Un pack de jeux Lucas très intéressant (avec Monkey Island 3, Full Throttle, Maniac Mansion 2 (donc Maniac Mansion 1 inclus avec), The Dig et Sam & Max parfaitement supportés par ScummVM, et Monkey Island 4, Grim Fandango non supportés mais excellents quand même, enfin surtout Grim :p) est en vente sur Amazon ou Alapage entre autres pour moins de 40 euros !

What is PocketSCUMM ?

PocketSCUMM is the unofficial name of the Windows CE ScummVM port, as it was one of the first ports back when PocketSomething names sounded good :)

For general questions about ScummVM, there is a well done ScummVM FAQ on Sourceforge.

Which games are supported ?

Check ScummVM compatibility list.

How does it work on a Pocket PC ?

Short answer : Download the binaries or compile the sources, put the executable in a directory with your game files (the .000, .001, optionally .SOU or .SO3 files).Then run PocketSCUMM.exe and follow the instructions.

Long answer : Some games need to be put in a specific directory, and you may want to compress the audio files of some others - check this PocketMatrix tutorial for more informations.

OK, where are the games ???

You must own the original games to use ScummVM. They are really worth it and not expensive !

If you're looking for free stuff, you can play Beneath a Steel Sky kindly donated to ScummVM by Revolution Software, Flight of the Amazon Queen kindly donated to ScummVM by its authors, or try the game demos.

Can I contribute to this port ?

Of course ! PocketSCUMM is just a branch of ScummVM, which is released under the GPL (General Public License) - see for more information on this license.

This program sucks, it justed crashed in ...

As ScummVM, this port is to be considered work in progress (and it even adds some bugs on its own :p).

See the Support page to know how to report bugs and find help.

ScummVM asked me to map a key ...

Choose the action to map, press map, the press the key, and finally press OK.

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